The Quest to Revive Ancient IndiaIndia has always known to be a treasure trove of ancient art and cultures, spanning across thousands of years. With 29 States and 7 Union Territories, India is the largest democracy in the world. This translates to various kinds of art, literature, music, language, food and a lot more. Indian art, spices and handmade items have been sought after by foreign countries for over thousands of years. But with the tremendous industrialization and development over the past few decades, a lot of it got lost or replaced by newer alternatives that come out a production line in a factory. The huge surge in the use of mobile devices in the present day and the accessibility to high speed internet has now opened up a new window of opportunity for Indian artists and craftspeople to sell their original handmade products to a larger audience.

Today, there are plenty of websites for you to buy handmade crafts online. The huge popularity of e-commerce over the past 10 years has provided a lot of Indian craftsmen and artists a much bigger customer base, with the ability to cater to a larger geographical area. Online shopping has made it much simpler and cheaper for artists to sell their handicraft works. With the help of just a mobile device and an internet connection, many artists can now make available their products to thousands of people by just putting their works for sale on online platforms. The dying Indian art and culture has now been given a new opportunity to sustain itself. We at GoRusticx specialise in selling only genuine handcrafted products online. With products ranging from handcrafted toys to handmade jewelleries, GoRusticx provides a wide range of options for you to buy the perfect handmade gift items for friends online.