Babushka - More Than Just A Doll

Every girl remembers playing with dolls since her childhood. Whether they were the oversized rag ones or the prettier fad of plastic barbies that followed, dolls hold a special place in our hearts. It’s not so much due to their physical appearance or the clothes they wore, but because they allowed us to make stories. Beautiful stories where our little princesses can travel wherever they want, divulge themselves in conversations with people they meet along the way or meet the Prince Charming of their dreams and live a happily ever after. Transporting us into our own haven of fantasy, dolls took us to a world where we were responsible for their fates. If your heart still yearns to relive being the creator of those stories, a babushka doll is the perfect handicraft item to have. These expertly carved wooden handicraft products are sure to make anyone take a second look.

The babushka doll is a unique form of nested doll that has its origins in 19th century Russia. These wooden handcrafted products are typically round in shape with the outermost layer being a woman and the innermost, a baby. The dolls in between may be of either gender. The best way to describe these wooden handiworks would be through an onion. As the outside layer of this vegetable is peeled off, another similar onion exists within. Moreover, they typically tend to follow a theme which can be seasonal, historical or simply caricatures of famous figures.

The artistry in these wooden handicraft products lies not so much in the carving but rather, in the painting that sets the concept of these dolls. Many countries have adopted their own version of babushka dolls where the country’s traditional dress is painted upon the figurines in order to showcase the cultural heritage. The Babushka dolls make a perfect handcrafted gift to give to your loved ones. In fact, they have become so popular that not only can you find these handmade crafts for sale in handcrafted gifts shops but also order them online on GoRusticx. So on your next shopping experience be sure to give a visit to GoRusticx! Who knows what story you will construct with them?