Awaken the child within youWe all remember those times when spinning tops and the kit kit of rattle toys were enough to bring a smile on our face. Or the joy of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together before anyone else or maybe, showing that new train set you got for your birthday to all your friends. Those were the times when things weren’t limited by the bounds of technology but rather, evoked pure emotions within us. We may have progressed a lot but we know that just the feeling of holding our first toy can rekindle nostalgia of our simple childhood days. Even though you may think that those times are long gone, with GoRusticx, you can relive those moments once again.

From yo-yo’s to scooter sets, GoRusticx has a wide collection of handmade toys catered to every individual’s needs. Whether you are someone who is always on the move or maybe you just love the comforts of your home, there is a handmade toy to suit your personality. The variety of wooden toys available at Gorusticx are not only fun but most importantly, completely safe to use. Children often have a habit of putting things in their mouth. Keeping that in mind, these wooden toys are free of lead and have coating of natural organic paints thus, making them completely non-toxic. Additionally, the rounded edges of these toys erase the worry of ever having any injury.

If not used for play, these wooden toys can serve as great decoration items. Lightweight and made of quality grade wood, you can be sure that they won’t break easily with a fall. So, show off your personality and culture with toys handmade by India’s most talented artisans. These artisans not only encompass India’s most remote regions but are also discovered from various NGO’s. Therefore, by buying wooden products from Gorusticx, you are actually contributing to help those in need. And the best part is you can order all these handmade wooden products online from the convenience of your home.

No matter how old you are, GoRusticx has a perfect handmade product to match your taste. Let the touch of our wooden toys open your senses once again to the child residing in you.