Celebrating Rural India

One will agree that the authenticity of our nation, India, is not found in the skyscrapers or the bustling life of cities, but rather by walking bare feet in the soft, damp soil cultivated by so many generations of rural families.

Whether it’s the rich sound of the vegetable seller letting every door know he is coming; the pure, earthen smell of the clay pots in the bazaars as if they had just been made by the potters; or simply the sight of women taking out fresh buckets of water from the well, the fact is undeniable that these people have served as the foundation for the growing civilization that India is today. Therefore, it’s only fair for us to celebrate and reward them for their hard work and sheer determination.

GoRusticx, a site dedicated to promoting and rewarding skillful artisans all over India has the perfect handmade product for you to make your home get a touch of rural life. Statues of cobbler selling shoes, village women carrying pots, or men with ‘tokris’- GoRusticx has it all. Having clay products like such remind us of our ancestors and how things have progressed from the past. They can also be used to teach valuable life lessons about being dedicated towards one work and how we are so much better off than many who have to struggle daily to meet their ends.

Keep these handmade products in your room and use them as a source of motivation whenever you feel down. Because trust me, it is easy to let negative thoughts enter your mind when in the comforts of your home. If you have children, you can keep these clay and wooden handicrafts in their room as well and notice the positive change in their attitude. Keep reminding them how lucky they are to lead a life where they don’t have to do back-breaking physical labor every day to fill their stomachs.

Disregarding the monetary value, the spiritual value that comes with having handmade products with rural themes in our home far surpasses the latter. And we all know spiritual growth is essential for us to grow as better individuals.